Monday, September 23, 2013

All Is Well

Gotta Love Bike Riding
Everything is fine.  I decided to keep moving forward no matter what.
Brianna, thank you for encouraging me.
I got my package at Zone not the best because I cried.  Thank you for the skirt and shoes, they are nice.  Unfortunately, the skirt is hard to ride in on a bike.
I love Zone Conference and the meetings we have!
I am sleeping a lot better.
We are still contacting people, but not teaching anyone.  We are still trying to get the swing of things.
We have gotten lost a couple of times and yes, it does hurt riding a bike for hours on end.
Funny story of the week...I'm riding a bike now and knowing me with a bike and a skirt, I crashed.  But, not to worry.  I only have huge bruises on my legs.  Lol, I am also losing weight because of this.
On Friday of last week I got the stomach virus, so we had to come home early, but all is well.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Rough Week

Orientation was good.  I had to go proselyting when I first got here.  
This first week was interesting.  We went to a ward party.
I serve in the Kyrene ward.  The are nice and the bishop is amazing too.  We have dinner tonight with him.
My trainers name is Sis. Lathrop.  She is nice and is from Alaska.  Since I'm new and not from the MTC, it's a little harder to train me.
Hop you have a great week.
One more thing, can you send the pink beany pillow?  The bed here are killing my back and I have hardly been getting enough sleep.

Sister Nicki Donner

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sister Donner and 36 other new missionaries!  Amazing!

Sister Donner with Pres. & Sis. Toone

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Departure Day!

Early Morning Departure Day 

Sister Nicki Donner was dropped off at the Arizona Tempe Mission this morning at 10 am.  On her trip there, she realized she had forgotten her watch.  We were very early and had extra time, so we thought we would just pop on over to a store and pick up a cheap watch until we could send her's to her.  Four stores later we discovered they just don't sell watches anymore.  It was a unique way to kill time before having to drop her off at the mission office.

The whole Tempe Mission office was so very nice and took time to speak with us for a short time until the rest of the new missionaries from the airport arrived.  There will be 37 new missionaries!  Wow!

We are excited for Nicki and can't wait to start posting her emails.