Thursday, February 26, 2015

My Last Week...

Monday, February 23, 2015 

So I am anxious and all sorts of emotions today.  I am sad because this is my last p-day, and I am happy because our golden contact, Bradley, is getting baptized this Saturday.  He is an awesome guy and does missionary work already and everyone loves him.  Since we have regional conference this Sunday, he will be receiving the Holy Ghost on March 8th.

I somehow caught a cough that comes and goes with a runny nose and I get really hot in the morning, but that could be because of me getting anxious because I am closer getting on an airplane again. lol

I did receive your Valentine card last Monday, and I will probably receive your letter today.

Wednesday we cleaned our car which was not my favorite.

Zone conference last Thursday was really good and thank goodness I did not cry when I gave my trunkamonie.  Thursday was also a good day because we finally met some of our less active members in one of our wards.

Friday we were in our car filling out reports when Sis. Colby opens the door to say hi to a dog.  Well, the dog jumps in the car and starts licking our faces.  We spent at least five minutes trying to get the dog out of the car. LOL

Church was good.  Even though I have only been here for six weeks, people have told me how much they will miss me and that really touched me.

I have no idea what I want to do when I first get home.  I guess if I am tired, take a nap. If not, I don’t know.  I have no idea what to expect or how I will be feeling.  I would prefer to each lunch at home, like chicken salad please.

Just giving you a head-up, I will be leaving my pillow, CD’s, and towel for the other sisters to use.
Today we have to go into Nampa to get a new phone because our phone will turn off on us all the time.  After we get back from there we have the interview at 4 for Bradley and then at 7 we have a lesson.  Tuesday I have my last district meeting, and then Wednesday is my departure interview.  Thursday is my Temple trip and Friday is weekly planning.  Then on Saturday we have the baptism and then the missionary conference with Elder L Tom Perry.  Sunday we have regional conference which will be broadcast.

I will probably email on Monday, but no promises because that is when I go to the mission home.

Ok, well we have to head out now.  See ya in 7 days.

Love ya!

Sis. Donner
Sis. Colby and I at the Kuna Caves last P-day

Monday, February 16, 2015

Last Valentines!

I still have no idea about flight plans…sorry!

Friday was my favorite day last week.  Before we went on exchanges we had a Tic Tac war.  Lol It was funny!  Then I went out one last time with Sis. Dunkle.

Valentine’s Day was good, not my favorite one, but good.  I did get the package…that was a lot of chocolate!  I did not get the family Valentine card.

These are the Valentines I received one from the activity girls in our ward. So Sweet! The other from our sister training leaders.

Something that touched my spirit this week is on Sunday we finished up the rest of the commandments with our golden investigator and we were worried because we were going to teach him WOW (Word of Wisdom) and we knew he smoked.  On the day of the lesson his girlfriend told us that he had just stopped smoking and so he is getting the baptized the 28th of this month.  I am so excited for him.  His girlfriend is a member and she is so freakin' awesome!

I am sick still.  It comes and goes; Saturday was the worst, I went to bed at 9:30.  I actually think the reason why I have been sick is because I have been stressed and nervous to come home.

We are going to the Kuna caves today, so that could be interesting.  We have a zone meeting this week which will be my last one.  We usually have a speaker on training and a musical number.  Then all the outgoing missionaries give our trunkamonies.  We have 12 going home.

I have to head out.
Love ya!
Sis. Donner

Monday, February 9, 2015

Feeling Yucky

This week was a long week to say the least.

Sunday was we had to go on splits because I had to be at a ward council meeting at 6:30 and Sister Colby went to ward council in the other ward, it was not my favorite morning.

I saw Uncle Shawn at church yesterday, it was really nice.  It was actually really emotional for me to talk to Uncle Shawn, but the spirit helped me.  We chatted for a while.  We will be having dinner with him at his brother-in-laws house soon, I don’t know when yet, he is going to set it up and then call us.

So our golden investigator wants to be baptized soon.  We haven’t set a date yet, we are actually going to let him set it.  We saw him yesterday and we will see him this next Sunday.  Our other investigators are just fine.  Something that really touched me this week is when I was talking with one of our investigators I was able to discern his thoughts and feelings, so I knew what questions I could ask him.

We Valentine candy you sent is already here, I just need to pick it up at the mission home.

My favorite part of last week was Saturday because the weather outside was absolutely beautiful.

Something that made me laugh is when Sis. Colby said I snored and that I should pray to Heavenly Father to help me not to snore.  Hahaha, I snored even louder that night.

Health wise I did pretty good last week.  I do not feel good today.  Sister Colby was sick all last week and now I have whatever she has, so we are both sick.  I’m not sure what it is that we have.  All I know is I have stomach cramps that come and go, a really bad headache that doesn’t leave, and I am really tired so all I want to do is sleep.  I woke up 6 times during the night.  I am just really exhausted right now.

I believe I will get to go to the temple on February 26th.  I have no clue about my flight plans; I still haven’t been given any information.  I will probably leave stuff and have Sis. Colby send things home after I leave.

I have no idea what the plans are for today.  We have building tours this week where we take non-members on tours around the building and exchanges.

I have to go now.
Love Ya!

Sister Donner

Monday, February 2, 2015

Busy, Busy, Week!

Hey Mom, this week was busy. 

My haircut last p-day went fine.  She cut it evenly all around, so it’s a little short.
Church was good this week.  My companion and I both had restless nights on Saturday, but I managed to stay awake.

Sis. Colby and I are going great.  We laugh a lot.

The members we live with have been nice and we are still waiting to hear if or when we are moving out.

The baptism went awesome.  There were a lot of people that showed up.  I got to help the girls come out of the font after they were baptized.  One of the girls had a cast on her arm because her brother launched her across the room.  We wrapped her arm with Duct tape for the baptism. Two different members baptized the girls.

Kaytln, Chelsey, and Mason Girdner.

Our golden investigator is doing fine.  We are doing things slowly because he doesn't

This is what you see in our area everywhere.

want to be pushed into anything, but he says baptism is definitely something he wants to do. 

One of the less actives we visit calls us his girlfriends.  LOL He is an elderly gentleman and is so funny.

Besides the baptism on Wednesday, my favorite part of last week was we when we went and explored the boundaries because Sis. Colby didn't know where our boundaries ended.

You see this too.
My least favorite day was Thursday because I was sick and I had a headache that did not go away for three days.

So this week I have exchanges with my old trainer Sis. Dunkle.  She is the mission’s new Sister Training Leader and has one more transfer left after I leave before she finishes her mission.  The week after that we have Valentine’s Day, then on the 19th we have zone conference, and on my last Saturday as a missionary Elder L Tom Perry will speak to us.
I was being naughty and had Banana Nut Cream pie at 9 at night.  Lol It was good.

For p-day we still need to go shopping and to laundry.  We have an appointment at 6:30 and then hopefully FHE.

I have to go now, Love Ya!
Sis. Donner

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Baptism this Coming Week!

This week was pretty good!  Some days were pretty slow.  We finished teaching the lessons to the kids from the less active family and they will be baptized this Wednesday, so I am looking forward to it.

I love our golden investigator, he just soaks up everything and just wants to keep on learning.  It is awesome!  I was really touched when he thanked us for teaching him.

So our other investigator is MIA…she won’t text us or anything.
I did send two boxes which should arrive today and I will be sending another one today also.

Sis. Coldby is just fun and chill.  We have tons of fun with each other and I never feel on edge with her.  Sis. Colby was tired of sleeping in her bed and she slept on the floor one night which made me smile.

The 4th ward is awesome and helps out a lot, 5th ward is struggling.  Our district is really energetic!
My favorite part of last week was Thursday because it was a good day, and we had really good Mexican food. Lol

My least favorite day of last week was Saturday because I felt a bit sick and I didn’t get enough sleep.  So health wise I am feeling pretty good, I have caught another cold, but this time it isn’t bad.

After we go shopping today and have lunch, then I will send the package, and then we will come back to the church and I will get my hair trimmed by a sister.  We might possibly play sports and then we will teach FHE.  That is pretty much it.

Gotta go shopping now.

Love ya!
Sis. Donner

Friday, January 23, 2015

Emergency Transfer

January 19, 2015

So, I got transferred early.  I received a call from Pres. on Wednesday night that they needed to emergency transfer me because a sister was sick and needed to go home.  She had really bad headaches and seizures; she had been out for a year.  So I am now in Kuna which is 30 minutes from Middleton.  I arrived here at 12 on Thursday afternoon.  It is foggy right now and it rains a lot here.

I am now with Sis. Colby who is just awesome!  She is so quirky and is just so much fun.  She has been out for 7 months and is a twin herself.  She is the 5th of 8 in her family and she also attended BYU Provo.  She is from Fort Worth Texas and her twin is serving in Mexico.  I am still the senior companion, but we take turns calling and we are very open with each other.  Yes, I still have a car.

We live with members and they happened to be gone right now.  They are in their 50’s and will come back on Tuesday from Germany. We are moving into another members home probably at the end of this week.

The ward here needs a little boost, but they are really nice.  Sis. Colby has been in this area for 6 weeks and we have 3 people who are going to get baptized soon and then a golden investigator.

I was able to attend the baptism in my last area on Saturday.  It was so good!  Sunday was my favorite day of the week because we had an awesome lesson with the golden investigator. Sunday I also got to see my trainer, Sis. Dunkle.  She literally ran at me and started crying because she got to see me one last time before I go home.  It was awesome!

My least favorite day was Wednesday because I had to say goodbye to the people in Middleton so suddenly.

We rearranged our furniture Sunday night so we could watch the church movie “Legend” in comfort on our tiny DVD player.  It was really funny!

No slipping this week, but I did trip.

I’m not sure what we will be doing for the rest of our p-day, probably more laundry and cleaning.

I gotta go!  Love ya!
Sis. Donner
We had zone conference on Friday here in Kuna and this is a picture of the whole zone.
All the sisters in my new zone.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Wonderful Baptism!

January 12, 2015

The baptism went really well and when she received the Gift of the Holy Ghost she had an awesome blessing.  We have another baptism happening this weekend and our other investigator is doing really well.

We will find out this weekend if we will stay together as a companionship, but we are all doing well.  We laugh a lot.  Sometimes it feels like they are trying to fix me instead of help me, but I know I am just being stubborn.

I finally received your envelope, but the letter and whatever else you had in there was stolen.  There was a nice slit in the side of the envelope.  I keep forgetting to send you one.

Last week was busy because we were going back and forth teaching our investigators, the Lord has really blessed us.

My favorite day of last week was Wednesday because we had a long skill check and a short lesson. Lol  It is raining and snowing here.

My least favorite day was Thursday because it was so slippery outside.  I slipped on ice right as we got out of a lesson and I had vowed that day not to slip.

My health is ok.  I wake up an hour early every day before I have to and I have no idea why.
I sang “There is Sunshine in My Soul Today” for a group of older ladies in our stake today while my companions danced.

I am giving a talk either this Sunday or next, I don’t remember.  My topic is something that actually the Lord helped me pick which is humility.

I gotta go now.  Love ya!
Sis. Donner