Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Baptism this Coming Week!

This week was pretty good!  Some days were pretty slow.  We finished teaching the lessons to the kids from the less active family and they will be baptized this Wednesday, so I am looking forward to it.

I love our golden investigator, he just soaks up everything and just wants to keep on learning.  It is awesome!  I was really touched when he thanked us for teaching him.

So our other investigator is MIA…she won’t text us or anything.
I did send two boxes which should arrive today and I will be sending another one today also.

Sis. Coldby is just fun and chill.  We have tons of fun with each other and I never feel on edge with her.  Sis. Colby was tired of sleeping in her bed and she slept on the floor one night which made me smile.

The 4th ward is awesome and helps out a lot, 5th ward is struggling.  Our district is really energetic!
My favorite part of last week was Thursday because it was a good day, and we had really good Mexican food. Lol

My least favorite day of last week was Saturday because I felt a bit sick and I didn’t get enough sleep.  So health wise I am feeling pretty good, I have caught another cold, but this time it isn’t bad.

After we go shopping today and have lunch, then I will send the package, and then we will come back to the church and I will get my hair trimmed by a sister.  We might possibly play sports and then we will teach FHE.  That is pretty much it.

Gotta go shopping now.

Love ya!
Sis. Donner

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