Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy New Year's

So, after emailing last Monday, we went home and since we had all been basically having a rough week, we each shared our frustrations and things are better now.  I’m still not comfortable being the senior companion, but I’m starting to get used to being asked where we are going, calling people, and stuff.  I still don’t feel exactly capable, but I’m getting better.
Transfers calls are next week and transfers are on the 19th.  We currently have 11 trio companionships in our mission right now due to areas being closed down or combined, so we may or may not stay as a trio
I had written Pres. Cannon about my feelings on being the senior companion and about feeling trunky and he told me to just serve my companions and not to beat myself up about being trunky, just to keep going, so I feel happy!

On New Year’s Eve we had to be in my 9 and it wasn’t eventful at all, so it was a very chill New Year’s Eve.  We just visited with members.

Church was fine on Sunday, we were just really tired because we had to get up at 5:30 am to get ready for the day.  Something that made me laugh was one of our investigators went to the wrong ward and bore his testimony during sacrament meeting.  Afterwards he called us and said that when he had gone up to bear his testimony and looked out into the congregation, he realized he didn’t recognize anyone.  We laughed so hard!

Doing the records!
Monday & Tuesday were my favorite part of last week because we basically just relaxed and talked on Monday, and then on Tuesday we sat home and updated our records for the whole day.

My least favorite day was Thursday, New Year’s Day, because it was cold and we ended up moving someone the whole time until we had another appointment.  We were exhausted.

Our investigators are doing well and we have another one who is ready to set a baptismal date.  We do have one investigator that has gone MIA, nobody knows where he is.  Well, one of our investigators who was going to get baptized this week, is going to get baptized next week.  This week I am looking forward to our investigator Daliee’s baptism.  Please pray that she can be strong enough to make it to her baptismal day!  Her uncle will be baptizing her.  We just get the program ready and then the ward helps us out with the rest.

I think I go to the temple on February 26, but I haven’t verified that yet.  Basically when we go to the temple it is like for the whole day.  We do a session and then come back and have dinner, a devotional and then bear our testimonies and then go back to our areas.  Then we basically have three days left to do missionary work.  On Monday we get picked up by the transfer van and dropped off at the mission home or somewhere else.  According to Pres. Cannon, there are 12 missionaries going home.  I know two of the elders who are going on my same flight.  One was my Zone leader and the other one is currently the AP.

Something that really touched me today is Sis. Wright shared with me that Heavenly Father answered her prayers and I asked her how He had answered her prayer.  She said because she had fasted for me yesterday so that I would be able to be more open with them.

Health wise I still have a cough…oh well.  But, I don’t feel sick.

Right now I am trying to figure out what talents I have that can help strengthen my weaknesses and I haven’t figured it out yet.

This afternoon for p-day we are playing a game called protect the flower.  I have no idea what that means.  Then we will have FHE with the singles.

I gotta go now…


Sis. Donner

This is a dog that followed us while we were knocking doors, and yes, the snowman is taller than me.

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