Thursday, February 27, 2014

At Witt's End

Sister Dunkle and Sister Donner at Witts end with each other.
Sister Dunkle

So last week was pretty rough for us since we only cover one ward now, but it got better towards the end of it.  We are having a a baptism this Saturday for two of our investigators, a mom and her son; they are golden.  We are pretty excited!  The other investigator is doing well.  The ward is really starting to help us our too.  We received quite a few referrals from them on Sunday.
I did receive  the envelope and I might take you up on your offer to send me some medicine to help me sleep.  I still haven't managed to stay asleep at night at all.  I honestly think it's stress, but I was more stressed on my mini mission and I still got plenty of sleep.  It's not because it's cold either because I have really warm quilts that I sleep with, so I don't know what could be causing it.

So the chocolate situation is fine.  I only had three dark chocolates this past week.

The weather has actually been really nice for us and we love our new car.  It has a Bluetooth so we usually call on it.  And no, I have not taken a picture of our car, I keep forgetting to.

My district is fine.  We met the elders who took over our other ward, and they seem pretty nice.

My lease favorite part of last week was trying to contact people who did not want to be found.  There was one incident where a man answered and yeah, he gave me the creeps.
So a funny part of the week was when we were talking to the new elders on the phone, Sis. Dunkle hung up on them.  She did this three times.  We couldn't stop laughing when they called back.

Then only thing I can think of that I need is more letters from the family, the rest of the stuff I an get here.

So I gotta go.

Love ya!
Sister Donner

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day was awesome.  We received your package that day.  Sister Dunkle and I absolutely love the package!  And Yes!, we ate all of the chocolate!  We also got a BRAND SPANKING NEW CAR!!!  We got it because we had kept the previous car so clean that Elder Short (the vehicle coordinator) rewarded us.
We will be getting TIWI in April which is something we had in the Tempe Mission.  It is a box that checks if we are following the law when we drive.

My least favorite part of last week was that it rained a  lot.  At one point when I was going out, I stepped in the mud and started sinking.

Something funny that happened this week is we got our car stuck in the mud when we were at an activity at the church, so some of the relief society sisters helped me push it out.

Physically I am feeling a bit sore because I sleep on the top bunk and probably because we helped someone move on Saturday.  Stretching feels really good.

My favorite part of last week was hearing that my companion and I are staying together for one more transfer and playing a game on Valentine's Day with the ward called "Battle of the Sexes."  It was really funny.

I love my mission president, he is really nice.  My district is doing great, however some of the elders are leaving, but it's all good.  We not cover just one ward and there are Elders in the other ward, but we lost all of our investigators and 6 baptisms to the elders who took over our other ward.  I am not too happy, but it's the Lord's will, not mine.  One of our investigators said she will not have elders, so we will still be teaching her. I do love the members in my ward.

I stayed awake for both sacraments this week.  Thank Goodness!!!

I didn't receive your envelope this week, but then I am not impressed with the mail service either.

I Love You!!!!!!!
Sister. Donner

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Once There Was A Snowman...

We are back at the Family History Center emailing.  The medicine you sent for my cold is working and I am getting a lot better.  I also received the books you sent, thank  you so much for sending them.  I haven't received the Valentine package yet.

We went on splits on Friday and I taught a part-member family, who is from Alaska.  I taught lesson three on the gospel of Jesus Christ pretty much all by myself.  They really are a great family.

Something funny that happened this past week was we were driving around looking for a street on our map, so we decided to pull over to the side of the road.  As we were doing this, another car suddenly pulls out in front of us.  I'm thinking, "Uh, Oh", but then it turns out to be our District leaders.  The first thing they say to us when they get to our window is, "You are out of your area." To which we replied, "No Elder, you are out of your area." which was true. LOL

My lease favorite part of last week was sleeping on my neck wrong and for three days it has been sore. Lately I've not been getting enough sleep; one night I was literally wrestling with myself.  Since I hadn't gotten enough sleep, I slept through both sacraments, even though I tried hard not to.

I did a really dumb thing yesterday, I burnt my cheek with the curling iron while I was doing my hair and so I now have a burn line on the side.  Note to self, "Don't try to read while curling your hair." (I cut my hair and it looks really good curled.  I actually love it and may keep it this way for awhile)

My favorite part of last week was getting to do service for DI.
The picture I sent is of a snowman we made.

Alright, I've gotta go.
Hope everyone has an awesome Valentines!

Sister Donner
My hair cut.  It looks really cute curled.
Taken from our front door.
Picture taken by member where they had dinner on Saturday.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Slip Sliding Away...

My week was very interesting.  Most of our appointments cancelled on us and no one was answering their doors.  So yep, it was a lot of contacting, but no results.

Something that we are doing that seems to be working is contacting the less active members.  My favorite part of last week was Sunday.  We had two less active families come to church.  It was awesome!  I did stay awake for both sacraments.

My least favorite part of last week was Saturday.  We walked the whole day!  To top it off, dinner cancelled on us. We had to wait an extra hour for dinner since Sis. Clemens,  who we live with,  made us dinner.  We were way over miles, which is why I didn't get the package you sent, but we will be picking it up from the mission home today.

I did get the boots you sent  on Wednesday at our missionary meeting.  Elder Ross, who I saw on Wednesday, said he hated my other pair.  We had training that day and I saw everyone from my district, so when I got the package with the boots in them they said, "And it continues!" LOL  Apparently they are not receiving as many letters and packages as I am.

The boots work fine and are very comfortable.  I think I have everything to keep me warm.  The only funny thing that happened to me was I slipped on the ice, twice.  It actually snowed today, so yep, I fell in the snow.  No snowball fights or snowmen.

I love my companion!  She is fun and easy to get along with!

I gotta go now.  LOVE YA!!!
Sis. Donner