Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Slip Sliding Away...

My week was very interesting.  Most of our appointments cancelled on us and no one was answering their doors.  So yep, it was a lot of contacting, but no results.

Something that we are doing that seems to be working is contacting the less active members.  My favorite part of last week was Sunday.  We had two less active families come to church.  It was awesome!  I did stay awake for both sacraments.

My least favorite part of last week was Saturday.  We walked the whole day!  To top it off, dinner cancelled on us. We had to wait an extra hour for dinner since Sis. Clemens,  who we live with,  made us dinner.  We were way over miles, which is why I didn't get the package you sent, but we will be picking it up from the mission home today.

I did get the boots you sent  on Wednesday at our missionary meeting.  Elder Ross, who I saw on Wednesday, said he hated my other pair.  We had training that day and I saw everyone from my district, so when I got the package with the boots in them they said, "And it continues!" LOL  Apparently they are not receiving as many letters and packages as I am.

The boots work fine and are very comfortable.  I think I have everything to keep me warm.  The only funny thing that happened to me was I slipped on the ice, twice.  It actually snowed today, so yep, I fell in the snow.  No snowball fights or snowmen.

I love my companion!  She is fun and easy to get along with!

I gotta go now.  LOVE YA!!!
Sis. Donner

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