Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow is Cold!

OK, so this week was interesting.  All of our appointments on Sunday fell through; including dinner, but it was all good.

On Sunday I stayed awake in the first sacrament meeting, but I feel asleep in the second one.  My wards are great here.  They are helping with the less active families.

My favorite part of last week was visiting the families in our wards.

My least favorite part of last week was the snow.  It snowed heavily on Sunday and it was cold!  My feet are freezing because my boots won't stay buttoned.

On p-days we wash the car, go shopping, do laundry, email, clean the room and write letters.  Sometimes we have zone activities, but that rarely happens.

My companion and I really enjoy each other's company and we enjoy listing to each other.  There has been no change to the district, but we do have new missionary training this week.

Some of the healthy foods that I have enjoyed lately are broccoli, carrots, seedpods etc.  I have a water bottle that I try to refill every hour.  I am currently suffering from really bad allergies, which probably explains why my stomach hurts when I eat.  I should be OK, I still have Allerclear.  We'll see what happens, hopefully it will all go away.

I read every article I receive, and sometimes I read them over again.  I really enjoy them.

I believe I have received every letter that has been sent so far, and yes, I read them as soon as I get them.

OK, I gotta go.

Love ya!
Sister Donner

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