Monday, January 6, 2014

Pictures from the MTC

1st Day in Provo at the MTC

Most of us from the district point to where we will serve on the map.
Well this is my district and our MTC teachers. So to explain the picture it goes from the front Sis. Hudson (teacher), Sis Clark, Sis. Foster (My MTC Companion), Sis. Miller,  Bro. Kezele (MTC teacher), then me. In the back it goes Elder Ross (Who showed me how to post pictures),  Elder Stradling (From Mesa),  Elder Maul then behind Bro. Kezele is Elder Swinemar.

Sis Foster and I with a really cool statue at the Provo temple.
Entire district at the Provo temple.

Entire district hamming it up at the Provo temple.

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