Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Awesome Week!

Alright, answer to the first question, this week has been awesome!  We have been getting referrals every other day and we have gotten five new investigators this past week.  We have taught a person each day so our planner is pretty full.  I still don't know about the iPads, it's been rumored maybe April.  We do not get to Facebook in this mission, bummer.  The wards her are awesome, they always want to help.

I have met my district and it is just me, my companion and then the elders.  They are total goofballs, period.  :)

I love my companion!  We had a companion inventory and cleared up some things.  Companion study is just fine. Living with a member is fine.  She is really nice and we only usually see her at night since she works.  I have my own cupboard and everything is safe and yes, we share a bathroom.

It did snow here this morning and I do not like the fog here.  It is very difficult to see.  Since we have a car, my companion drives and I sort of navigate.

I do receive every package, but could you please send then through USPS.  If you don't, we have to go to the mission home to pick them up which takes away the miles we are allotted on our car, which gives us less miles to see people.  Yes, I go the socks and the coat fits fine. lol, I laughed when I got it because the elders were like, why do you get a coat?  I just laughed and said because my mom loves me.  The coat keeps me really warm which I absolutely love and it detaches and becomes two coats. Thank you!

My hair is fine, but my bangs are still driving me crazy, they may just get cut shorter.

My least favorite part of last week was walking for three miles because we were low on miles on our car and my favorite part of last week was even though we were low on miles, we were able to see everyone we wanted to.  The only thing I can think of that I am struggling with is staying attentive during the second sacrament meeting.

Well, I've gotta go.
Love ya!!!
Sis. Donner
Early morning leaving the MTC.  My MTC companion curled my hair.
Sis. Foster and myself
Outside my bedroom window

Backyard of the members home we live at and yes, it is cold.

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