Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Joys of Mission Life

Blaize Curtis Donner 7-19-2014
 Blaze is so cute! Lol

I was sick this whole week, but I still did missionary work.  I was sick with first a little of strep throat but then it turned into a really bad cold, but I am not sick anymore, so no worries.

We did have our baptism on Saturday and it was awesome.  We have a new investigator, her name is Liz and she is 15.  She signed herself up for seminary!  She said she knows she wants to be a Mormon.  We also have a couple in our neighborhood that we are working on.  I am loving it!

I did receive my package and I totally loved it.  I laughed when I opened the package and saw the big pen.  One thing about Sister Dickson is she cannot have any type of sugar or wheat, so please no sugar.  (She has candida)  I wore the new outfit you sent to the baptism.

New outfit on baptism day.
My favorite part of last week was Friday and Saturday.  Friday because we got to see everyone we planned on seeing and Saturday because of the baptism.  My least favorite day was Thursday because I was not feeling so well.

Sunday I was talking to a family and their son gave us a challenge.  He said if you are upset or mad, then pray or sing a happy song.  That made me smile.  I did stay awake for both sacrament meetings and my blisters are gone completely.

Our zone activity from last week was pretty normal.  We just roasted some hot dogs and played sand volleyball.

This was transfer week and some things have changed.  Some of our elders have left and one sister is leaving also.

We are going to relax today and clean a lot.  We aren't doing anything really exciting this next week, but you never know.

Well I have got to go…Love Ya!!!!!

Sister Donner
A picture I drew.

June 16th, 2014 Healthy at last!

 Our week was pretty good! We are on schedule for the baptism this Saturday.

I am not sick anymore!  I did find out that since I am eating healthy, my body can no longer stand garlic, it gives me a horrible headache. :( Oh Well.

Dinner at a members house.
Sister Dickson and I like to sing together or we listen to music while massaging each other’s back.  My favorite part of last week was Tuesday because we met an awesome family who I just adore.  They are so spiritual and will to do anything for us.  My least favorite pare of last week was Friday because everybody seems to cancel on us, so it wasn’t fun.  We did actually see a family on Friday and the mom had been praying to be able to have some guidance on what she should be doing.  Sister Dickson and I challenged her and her family to make a new friend; we basically answered her prayer.  For service this week we helped two people move.

The district is fine, goofy and awesome as ever.

Something that made me laugh this week was on Sunday, Sister Dickson and I wore matching clothes which we has not planned at all.  They gave the fathers in the ward cinnamon buns for Father’s Day.

For P-day we are having a BBQ as a zone, so it should be fun.  Then we are visiting a less active member family.

Gotta go!  Love ya!
Sister Donner

Our Bunk Beds
My Side of the Closet

June 9th, 2014 The Joys's of Mission Life...

So this week I have been having fevers on and off.  For two straight days my chest would hurt and at one point I couldn’t breathe, but that only happened twice.  Then out of nowhere, my lower back and right side killed; it hurt to reach for something.  Yes, I did stretch it out which did little to help.  The whole pain is gone now and I just have a fever on and off.  I am not going to a doctor, I am probably going to go to the store and pick something up there. I am taking care of my blisters.  I put ointment on them and cover them with Band-Aids and I do wear socks.

I received a package from Elder Eastin, he sent fun stuff for me and Sister Dickson.  I have not taken pictures of my new place yet, but I do have one of Sister Dickson and me.  I sleep on the bottom bunk because Sister Dickson offered it to me.  At zone conference this past week we played a preach my gospel catch phrase game.

I felt a little left out when I went to the temple last week because I went with the Spanish speaking sisters, and I was the only English speaking, so it was a little weird.

Our investigator is on track for getting baptized on the 21st at 4pm.

Alright, I gotta go.  Love ya!
Sister Donner

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Interesting Week

My New Companion, Sis. Dickson
This week was pretty interesting.  I did get to go to the temple since I have been out for 9 months; it was interesting.
Unfortunately on Friday, towards the end of the night, I got sick, but the last two days of the week were awesome.

In my new area we cover two wards.  Both wards are really friendly and are just amazing.  We currently have one investigator with a baptismal date.  She is a really awesome lady who lives with some active members.  I don’t know much about the ward mission leaders, but they were both very welcoming and helpful

We live with a 70 year old woman who is the most adorable person you have ever seen.  I sleep on the bottom bunk still.  We mostly walk in this area or get rides from members

Alright, Sister Dickson is so amazing.  She had served 6 months in Brazil and then came home due to sickness.  She had to wait awhile, and now serves here.  She has anxiety too, so she helps me out a lot.  She is the oldest of 5 and is from Gig Harbor Washington.  

My throat is fine, it’s my allergies that drive me nuts even though I take allergy pills.

Sorry about not writing letters the past two weeks, you will receive one this week.

At the moment I don’t need anything.

Gotta go, 

Sister Donner
Boise Temple