Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Joys of Mission Life

Blaize Curtis Donner 7-19-2014
 Blaze is so cute! Lol

I was sick this whole week, but I still did missionary work.  I was sick with first a little of strep throat but then it turned into a really bad cold, but I am not sick anymore, so no worries.

We did have our baptism on Saturday and it was awesome.  We have a new investigator, her name is Liz and she is 15.  She signed herself up for seminary!  She said she knows she wants to be a Mormon.  We also have a couple in our neighborhood that we are working on.  I am loving it!

I did receive my package and I totally loved it.  I laughed when I opened the package and saw the big pen.  One thing about Sister Dickson is she cannot have any type of sugar or wheat, so please no sugar.  (She has candida)  I wore the new outfit you sent to the baptism.

New outfit on baptism day.
My favorite part of last week was Friday and Saturday.  Friday because we got to see everyone we planned on seeing and Saturday because of the baptism.  My least favorite day was Thursday because I was not feeling so well.

Sunday I was talking to a family and their son gave us a challenge.  He said if you are upset or mad, then pray or sing a happy song.  That made me smile.  I did stay awake for both sacrament meetings and my blisters are gone completely.

Our zone activity from last week was pretty normal.  We just roasted some hot dogs and played sand volleyball.

This was transfer week and some things have changed.  Some of our elders have left and one sister is leaving also.

We are going to relax today and clean a lot.  We aren't doing anything really exciting this next week, but you never know.

Well I have got to go…Love Ya!!!!!

Sister Donner
A picture I drew.

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