Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Interesting Week

My New Companion, Sis. Dickson
This week was pretty interesting.  I did get to go to the temple since I have been out for 9 months; it was interesting.
Unfortunately on Friday, towards the end of the night, I got sick, but the last two days of the week were awesome.

In my new area we cover two wards.  Both wards are really friendly and are just amazing.  We currently have one investigator with a baptismal date.  She is a really awesome lady who lives with some active members.  I don’t know much about the ward mission leaders, but they were both very welcoming and helpful

We live with a 70 year old woman who is the most adorable person you have ever seen.  I sleep on the bottom bunk still.  We mostly walk in this area or get rides from members

Alright, Sister Dickson is so amazing.  She had served 6 months in Brazil and then came home due to sickness.  She had to wait awhile, and now serves here.  She has anxiety too, so she helps me out a lot.  She is the oldest of 5 and is from Gig Harbor Washington.  

My throat is fine, it’s my allergies that drive me nuts even though I take allergy pills.

Sorry about not writing letters the past two weeks, you will receive one this week.

At the moment I don’t need anything.

Gotta go, 

Sister Donner
Boise Temple

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