Monday, May 26, 2014

ET on Memorial Day

Last Picture of Sis Rob as my companion
My week is starting out interesting, I am getting transferred after emailing today, or like we call it, ET (Emergency Transferred) The mission president called us at 10pm last night to give us the news.  I will be serving in Nampa West, so I will be in a different zone.  I cried most of the night, but I am really calm today.

My new companion is going to be Sister Dickson.  She has been out a little bit longer than I have.  I met her this morning and she is so sweet! I’m gonna miss Sis. Rob, but I will probably see her next week since all the missionaries come here to the genealogical library to email on Mondays, at least the ones here in Nampa.  I don’t know how far away my new area will be and a member will be taking us.

New Haircut
I did get my haircut, so that is good because guess what?  I am in a biking, walking area now.  They already have a bike and helmet for me in the new area. (They will soon find out how bikes and I get along) I was going to get my haircut last week, but decided against it, and this week was less likely because of Memorial Day, so being able to get my haircut today was a miracle.  I had it done at the salon inside Walmart this morning and I love it!

I did receive both the CD’s and letters with the articles, I absolutely loved it. (We listened to most of the music already)

We may have gained a new investigator.

My favorite part of last week was being able to give lots of service.
My least favorite part of last week was being sick on Saturday and finding out that I was getting transferred on Sunday.

Something that touched my spirit was seeing an investigator who we hasn’t been in contact with us forever.

The Turtle
A couple of things made me laugh this week.  Sister Rob and I were surprised by a sprinkler and, while we were driving we saw turtle and Sis Rob stopped to pick it up.  We kept it for the rest of the night and then let it go. Lol It’s the first time I had seen a turtle here.

Something that I am currently struggling with is accepting things that are out of my control.

My health could be better, I am starting to get a sore throat in the morning and yes, I am still taking my vitamins.

I’m really not sure what this week has in store for me.

I gotta go!  Love Ya!

Sister Donner

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