Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hectic Week

This is the picture I owed
from Easter.
Our week was hectic.  P-day last week was fun.  We actually helped sing a song with the elders.  It was hymn #52, The Day Dawn is Breaking.  The elders have been singing and recording songs for a while and so they asked us to help them with this one.  I'll have to see about getting a copy.

We had sister's conference on Tuesday which was awesome.  Somehow when I was decorating at the conference I received some nice puncture wounds from slamming my ankle into some screws protruding out of a ladder.  Yah, it hurt!

With our investigators, some are progressing and some are not.

My least favorite part of last week was Wednesday, but it was also the day that really touched my spirit.  We are really struggling to visit people.  Our zone leader recently asked us to pray about why we are here on a mission and why we are in the area we are currently in.  So because Wednesday was such a sucky day, we did that.  I tell you I felt the spirit so strong as I prayed.  After my first prayer, I started crying and I couldn't seem to stop, so I prayer again.  This time I was prompted to read in John about the atonement.  I was confused because I had recently read that passage, but then it hit me.  I had been really hard on myself lately and I would constantly ask forgiveness for my faults.  In that moment, I realized God was telling me to stop tearing myself down.  He knew I was trying, and he loved me for that, but I needed to forgive myself for my weaknesses.

On Friday, for skill check, we played a game called "Kings Cup". Basically there are cards all around this huge cup.  Each person has a smaller cup.  The object of the game is to not get the fourth king because then you have to drink from the "Kings Cup".  What made it even worse was that the "Kings Cup" was filled with chocolate milk and fruit punch tang, which isn't good when combined.  Luckily I did not lose, but another elder did.  lol

My favorite part of last week was Saturday; we did a lot of service that day.  We helped someone move and then we helped another person pull weeds.

Today for p-day, the zone is having a farewell party for an elder that is going home.  I do not know the elder, but my companion does.  Transfer calls are this Saturday.

According to what I am hearing, we are allowed to Skype for 45 minutes on Mother's Day.  Apparently we will do it at 3 o'clock right after church ends and we will probably do it at a member's house.  I'm not sure how it will work yet, but I will call you before.

Love Ya!  I will talk to you on Sunday!

Sister Donner
Puncture wounds from ladder.
My Current District

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