Friday, May 16, 2014

Struggled This Week

Mother’s Day skyping was great. Sister Robinson’s family is just like her…funny, goofy, and very musical.  

After skyping, the rest of the night was awesome.  We played dominos and had a barbeque however, I did get a little hole in my shirt thanks to a fire pit.  We were barbequing brats.  It’s all good, I have new shirts and a skirt, so I am excited about that.  
Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera today due to lack of sleep.  Sorry!

Least favorite part of last week was Wednesday.  The area has been interesting and I had been stressing out because I had no idea how to help it become better.  Our appointment for that day cancelled on us, so yeah, bad day.  To top it off, I had stopped asking the Lord for help, yeah not good. I had had a really bad day, and I was really upset by the end of the night.  Everything just kept piling up on me and I had had it!  It has been difficult staying in the same area for five month, but you know, the longer I stay, the more I learn.

Something touching that happened to me this week was on Friday.  I was so sick and it was because I had been worrying about a lot of things that I had not control of.  It had finally gotten to a low point, so me and Sister Robinson prayed and I finally started to feel peace, I wasn’t feeling bad anymore.  Something that made me laugh this week is that Sister Rob decided she would drive down a street on the wrong side; we had a good laugh.

My favorite part of last week was Saturday.  We got to help with yard work and then in the evening we got to sing at a fireside.

Our goals of this week is to visit new people in our ward.

I am getting my hair trimmed next Monday by a lady in our ward, she does it for free.

Well, I’ve got to go now.  Love ya!
Sister Donner

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