Monday, May 26, 2014

Just a Regular Week

A Healthy Meal we made this week
May 12th through May 19th
This past week was pretty much the same.

I did received the articles you sent and yes, we read every article and we loved it!

Our investigators are the same.  We have 6 part member families, but not a lot of potential right now.  We did receive a new ward mission leader, so we are pretty excited about that.

I received a letter from the mission home, and I am going to the temple on the 29th!

Sister Rob and I are awesome.  We study just about everything during study time.  I did receive the CD player and we actually used it today.

Least favorite part of last week was transfers because I don’t like seeing some people leave.

My favorite day of last week was Saturday because we did two services in a row.  We helped paint a house and then we moved rocks and wood-chips.

Something that made me laugh is that we invited the elders to a ward service project, so they came to help out.  To our surprise, the bishop told Sister Rob and I, that we worked harder than the elders combined. Lol Then he announced he announced that during ward council. Lol.

Something that challenged me this week was following the spirit one day.  We were just out of sync that day and it really took a toll on us.

Something that touched me this week was we were finally able to get into a house that had been really hard to get into, and it was just perfect.

My health is fine, just my allergies that I have to worry about, but the weather has been actually really nice.
I have to wait to get my haircut because the member who does it hurt her arm and she has to take a break for two weeks. (I was just a little sad)

Today for p-day we are having a picnic and playing games.  I am looking forward to zone conference on Wednesday.

Well, I gotta go.  Love ya!
Sister Donner

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