Monday, March 31, 2014

It's Raining, It's Hailing....

 Worst part of last week was Thursday and Sunday.  One, be because we were walking to save miles on our car, and yesterday we walked all day.  Two, because it hailed on us...ow!  Sister Dunkle locked the keys in the church again.
Best part of last week was Monday, the Celebration National Park, it was a lot of fun.

I loved the pictures you sent, I couldn't stop laughing.

There were changes on Saturday and I am losing my companion. :(  Sister Dunkle is training and shot gunning in a new area. I am picking up my new companion, Sister Robinson, today.  She was in the MTC with Sister Dunkle.  We are also losing half of the elders in our district.

Women's conference was awesome!

We gotta head out.
Love Ya!!!
Sister Donner
Sister Dunkle and I at Snake River in Celebration Park

Indian writing on a rock at Celebration Park.

I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go

March 24, 2014

This week was actually pretty good.  We go two new investigators and they both are really awesome.  Teaching these investigators was such a spiritual high.  We have another investigator who is 13 and he is doing awesome.  He came to church yesterday by himself.  We just love this kid. We don't have a baptismal date for him yet because he wasn't at home the last time we taught the family.

Yesterday my companion decided to throw our keys on top of the roof.  It was actually on accident and I nearly died laughing when she realized what she had done.  We had to get a ladder and a broom and she swept them off the roof.

My least favorite part of last week was walking for two days straight.  We were trying to trying to save miles on our car, which we did.

Sis. Dunkle and I sang "I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go" in sacrament yesterday, in parts.  I was so nervous that I didn't fall asleep during sacrament.  Everyone said we sounded awesome.

We are going to visit Celebration Park in Melba today.  It has Indian writings on the walls and such.  One of the members works there and wanted us to see it.

My thoughts on mission life so far would be that missionary life is hard and very spiritual.  It can be frustration and fun, but if you always follow the spirit everything will work out fine.

I gotta go now.
Love Ya!!!!!
Sister Donner
This is one of the railroad tracks we cross while walking.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Busy Week!

New Haircut and Sister Dunkle

Okay, so this past week was crazy!  We had activities on top of one another.  Monday we played basketball, just not with our district.  I lost both games. lol  I'm a little rusty, but I actually made some 3 pointers. lol.  We plan on challenging our investigators soon.

Tuesday we had zone conference which was long, but fun.  We played gospel battleship.  The TIWI boxes didn't come in yet...bummer. (These are the boxes you install in your car and they let you know if you are breaking the law.)  

Then we had the Relief Society birthday,  a pinewood derby and something else, I just can't remember.

Our investigators are great.  They are eager to learn more about the gospel.  I love it!  They have family over right now and we haven't been able to extend a date for baptism yet, but we are planning on challenging them soon.

The district is just fine.  Elders are being elders.  No district activities thus far.

My companionship has been awesome, I love being with her.  She is such a sweetheart!

Three funny things that happened last week:
  1.  My companion got stuck under by bed when she was trying to hide from me.    The story goes she was looking for something, then got the idea she would try to scare me, but instead she got stuck, so I had to help her out.
  2. The bishop scared my companion when we were out in the car planning. lol
  3. Last night my companion was so tired that our of nowhere she started singing a random made-up song.  (I wished I had recorded it)
The best part about last week would have to be going to all the activities.  Something that was spiritually awesome about last week was we were visiting someone yesterday and they weren't home.  So as we were leaving, someone saw us and called us over.  Needless to say, they became a potential investigator.

In sacrament on Sunday I sort of stayed like I stayed awake for half of it.  Sometimes I snore and when I do my companion says she nudges me and I stop.  I'm will be trying tic-tac's, it usually works.    The pills you sent me to help me sleep at night knock me out; it's nice.

The snow is gone, but now there is rain.  It rains about every other day.

We have New Beginnings in YW that we have been invited to this week and I am looking forward to that.

I got to go now, we have some shopping to do.

Love ya!

Sister Donner

Monday, March 10, 2014

Lot's of Rain

 This week was pretty good, although it did rain a lot.  It rained all but two days last week and I'm starting to get tired of it.  My shoes keep me pretty warm.

Our investigators are doing great.  The one who is working on quitting smoking is out of town right now.

We did a couple of days of tracking and it actually went well.  We found a potential investigator which was awesome for us because we are struggling to find new investigators.

I did receive the package that was sent and I love the sweaters and shirts you sent. I will admit that I divided my chocolate with Sis. Dunkle. I loved all the letters from the family, please tell everyone thank you!

The least favorite part of my week was being sick due to lack of sleep.  Wednesday I actually slept for three hours and after that I felt good.  I am sleeping a lot better now, although now it gets hot.  I do take the Melatonin and it knocks me out.  It's nice.

Oh, by the way, I despise daylight savings time.  It completely messed me up on Saturday.
Saturday we attended the baptism of the kids who we were teaching in the other ward, the one's we gave to the Elder's who took over.  I had to give a talk which surprisingly went well.  Awesome day!

A funny thing that happened this week was I accidentally fell asleep during the last part of the closing song in sacrament.

One of the best parts of last week was Sunday because we had a fireside where Janice Kapp Perry spoke.  It was really awesome and she even sang the sister missionary song.

I gotta go.  Love ya!
Sister Donner
Awesome Baptism!

All us missionaries with Janice Kapp Perry!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Just a So-So Week...

My week was so-so.  Remember the baptism I told you about?  Well it didn't happen because she was still smoking.  Lets just say by the end of the day I wanted to scream.  It was actually our fault, we didn't tell her she had to be smoking free for two weeks, we just told her that she had to stop.  She is still committed to being baptized, however her son is not ready.

My district is the same.  The new elders seem to be adjusting well, except the old ward seems to mention us a lot to them.  The Zone is awesome too.  They are all very friendly and helpful with advice and such.  I love my companion, we get along so well.

Something funny did  happen last week.  Sister Dunkle is from California and has never really seen a cactus, so when we were walking and she saw one, she just wanted a thorn.  I told her, "Don't touch it.  It will hurt!"  But what does she do, she touches it and gets pricked.  Then she starts complaining about how much it hurt.  My reply to her was, "I told you not to touch it."  Needless to say, she learned her lesson.

Saturday we basically had not one to see, and it was pouring rain, so tracking was out of the question.  We had a prayer and from our prayers 5 names came to us and then a couple more.  With just those names we filled our whole day.

The best part of last week was a less active priest, who has not been to church forever, came to was awesome!

We eat everyday with members, usually the same families over and over again.  The ward is starting to pray for missionary experiences.

I am sleeping better and having some very interesting dreams and right now my allergies are pretty bad here, especially since the wind has been blowing hard, but it's bearable.

I gotta go now.  Love Ya!
Sister Donner