Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Just a So-So Week...

My week was so-so.  Remember the baptism I told you about?  Well it didn't happen because she was still smoking.  Lets just say by the end of the day I wanted to scream.  It was actually our fault, we didn't tell her she had to be smoking free for two weeks, we just told her that she had to stop.  She is still committed to being baptized, however her son is not ready.

My district is the same.  The new elders seem to be adjusting well, except the old ward seems to mention us a lot to them.  The Zone is awesome too.  They are all very friendly and helpful with advice and such.  I love my companion, we get along so well.

Something funny did  happen last week.  Sister Dunkle is from California and has never really seen a cactus, so when we were walking and she saw one, she just wanted a thorn.  I told her, "Don't touch it.  It will hurt!"  But what does she do, she touches it and gets pricked.  Then she starts complaining about how much it hurt.  My reply to her was, "I told you not to touch it."  Needless to say, she learned her lesson.

Saturday we basically had not one to see, and it was pouring rain, so tracking was out of the question.  We had a prayer and from our prayers 5 names came to us and then a couple more.  With just those names we filled our whole day.

The best part of last week was a less active priest, who has not been to church forever, came to church...it was awesome!

We eat everyday with members, usually the same families over and over again.  The ward is starting to pray for missionary experiences.

I am sleeping better and having some very interesting dreams and right now my allergies are pretty bad here, especially since the wind has been blowing hard, but it's bearable.

I gotta go now.  Love Ya!
Sister Donner

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