Monday, March 10, 2014

Lot's of Rain

 This week was pretty good, although it did rain a lot.  It rained all but two days last week and I'm starting to get tired of it.  My shoes keep me pretty warm.

Our investigators are doing great.  The one who is working on quitting smoking is out of town right now.

We did a couple of days of tracking and it actually went well.  We found a potential investigator which was awesome for us because we are struggling to find new investigators.

I did receive the package that was sent and I love the sweaters and shirts you sent. I will admit that I divided my chocolate with Sis. Dunkle. I loved all the letters from the family, please tell everyone thank you!

The least favorite part of my week was being sick due to lack of sleep.  Wednesday I actually slept for three hours and after that I felt good.  I am sleeping a lot better now, although now it gets hot.  I do take the Melatonin and it knocks me out.  It's nice.

Oh, by the way, I despise daylight savings time.  It completely messed me up on Saturday.
Saturday we attended the baptism of the kids who we were teaching in the other ward, the one's we gave to the Elder's who took over.  I had to give a talk which surprisingly went well.  Awesome day!

A funny thing that happened this week was I accidentally fell asleep during the last part of the closing song in sacrament.

One of the best parts of last week was Sunday because we had a fireside where Janice Kapp Perry spoke.  It was really awesome and she even sang the sister missionary song.

I gotta go.  Love ya!
Sister Donner
Awesome Baptism!

All us missionaries with Janice Kapp Perry!

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