Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Busy Week!

New Haircut and Sister Dunkle

Okay, so this past week was crazy!  We had activities on top of one another.  Monday we played basketball, just not with our district.  I lost both games. lol  I'm a little rusty, but I actually made some 3 pointers. lol.  We plan on challenging our investigators soon.

Tuesday we had zone conference which was long, but fun.  We played gospel battleship.  The TIWI boxes didn't come in yet...bummer. (These are the boxes you install in your car and they let you know if you are breaking the law.)  

Then we had the Relief Society birthday,  a pinewood derby and something else, I just can't remember.

Our investigators are great.  They are eager to learn more about the gospel.  I love it!  They have family over right now and we haven't been able to extend a date for baptism yet, but we are planning on challenging them soon.

The district is just fine.  Elders are being elders.  No district activities thus far.

My companionship has been awesome, I love being with her.  She is such a sweetheart!

Three funny things that happened last week:
  1.  My companion got stuck under by bed when she was trying to hide from me.    The story goes she was looking for something, then got the idea she would try to scare me, but instead she got stuck, so I had to help her out.
  2. The bishop scared my companion when we were out in the car planning. lol
  3. Last night my companion was so tired that our of nowhere she started singing a random made-up song.  (I wished I had recorded it)
The best part about last week would have to be going to all the activities.  Something that was spiritually awesome about last week was we were visiting someone yesterday and they weren't home.  So as we were leaving, someone saw us and called us over.  Needless to say, they became a potential investigator.

In sacrament on Sunday I sort of stayed awake...um like I stayed awake for half of it.  Sometimes I snore and when I do my companion says she nudges me and I stop.  I'm will be trying tic-tac's, it usually works.    The pills you sent me to help me sleep at night knock me out; it's nice.

The snow is gone, but now there is rain.  It rains about every other day.

We have New Beginnings in YW that we have been invited to this week and I am looking forward to that.

I got to go now, we have some shopping to do.

Love ya!

Sister Donner

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