Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Rainy Days

Our week was pretty good; we stayed pretty busy.  We volunteered at the Salvation Army serving lunch from 11:30 to 12:10 with our ward.  This Friday we will be helping with a carnival manning the booths.

My favorite part of last week was being able to listen to a less active lady's story about how she knew God loved us.  It was awesome!

My least favorite part of last week would have to be the days it rained.

Something that made me laugh this week was yesterday (Sunday), my companion and I had the giggles and made faces at each other.  Oh, jellybeans kept me awake during sacrament.

My back doesn't hurt at all anymore.  I am not sure what caused it to hurt, but it's gone now.  Something challenging that my companion and I are both struggling with is staying asleep at night.  I do take the Melatonin, but for one reason or another we end up waking up at least three times during the night.  So...it's a struggles to get up in the morning.

The district is fine. This last district meeting we were all blindfolded and the asked questions about our companions, normal questions like "What's their favorite thing" etc.  It was fun, but I hated being blindfolded.

Today for p-day we are not doing anything really exciting, just probably going to play some volleyball, which I'm kinda getting sick of since we usually do it every p-day, but I will be a good sport.  Then at 6 we will go over to a members house for dinner.  The members who feed us are an older couple who feed us every Monday.  They are awesome!

Something that touched me this week is we fasted on Friday for our investigators and some of our members.  One of the member family's father wasn't doing so well, so we fasted for them to feel comfort and peace.  Saturday morning he passed away, so he is not in pain anymore.

I got to go.  Love ya!
Sister Donner

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Easter was actually low key for us.  For dinner we had ham, asparagus, and potatoes with rolls.  We ate with a member who is just so spiritual and asked deep questions.  It was awesome. We were also able to watch all these Bible videos of Christ and I felt the spirit so strongly.

This past week was a really good, exhausting week.  It was also great too because we got a new investigator who is absolutely golden.  She is in her twenties, has a two year old, and lives with her less active ex-husband.  Our other investigators are about the same.

At our zone picnic last Monday I didn't actually fly a kite, although I did play some Frisbee.  I decided against flying a kite after watching the elders try, but it was quite fun to watch them try.

My health is good.  I however pulled a muscle in my back recently that kills.  I am not sure how I pulled it, but I am being careful and my ankle doesn't bother me anymore.  My least favorite part of last week was getting sunburned, and yes I put sunscreen on.

I did receive the Easter package.  I especially loved the butterflies and the CTR ring, I was shocked when I got it.  I loved the shirt you sent, I wore it on Sunday.  My companion loved the origami whereas I am not skilled in that art, but I try.  We loved the sticky notes.  My favorite part of last week was Saturday night.  We were so hyper!  It was stinkin' hilarious.  We were hyper thanks to all the chocolate you sent.

I love my companion Sister Robinson.  She is such a sweetheart and is such a bubbly person.  She makes me giggle almost everyday.  So more on my companion:  She is one of six in her family.  It goes, girl, boy, girl, boy.  She has a niece and a nephew and she loves musicals.  She went to UVU before coming on her mission and all of her family is musical.  No one else in her family has served a mission.

For personal study I am studying the Book of Mormon and then for companion study we are studying the nature of God.  So far I have learned that He is loving towards all His children and we honestly just need to trust in Him, because God isn't going to lead us astray.  He also shows us that He loves us every day and we just need to recognize it.

My district is doing fine, although we are currently struggling for baptisms. I also found out that we were only allowed to be on Facebook last week.

My interview with President was find.  During my interview last week he asked me if  I had anything I am struggling with and he also asked me what my definition of obedience is.  I said I wasn't struggling with anything and I said being obedient is the way you act when no one is looking or telling you to do it.  You are obedient because you love the Lord.

Love ya,
Sister Donner

Monday, April 14, 2014

Good Week!

My companion Sis. Robinson and I while emailing today.
This week was good.  We didn't have interview with President last week, but we will be having them this Thursday.  He usually does interviews every other transfer.

We had Stake Conference yesterday and he announced that we are now allowed to go on Facebook.  It's kind of weird because I just got used to not going on there.  Our Zone Leaders have a paper on it, so I guess they will be telling us more about it.

My favorite part of last week was the Nerf gun war.  We had a lot of fun, although the elders did cheat one game and barricaded themselves behind stacked chairs.

My least favorite part of last week was Saturday because it was really windy.  Something funny about last week was a cat literally slobbered all over me; it was disgusting.

I did receive the CD's and we both really enjoy them.

Our investigators are the same and not really progressing.  Something touching that happened last week is while we were tracting usually nothing really comes of it.  We knocked on this one door and this gentleman answers and we think, okay here comes another rejection.  To our surprise, he let us in and we talked to him for an hour and got a return appointment.

Today we are going on a picnic with our zone and flying kites.  We don't really have any plans for Easter.  I really have not idea what is happening that day.

Well, I have to be going.  Love ya!
Sister Donner
This is what we usually see at every house we pass by.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Loved Conference!

Conference was awesome!  I did see all the sessions. We watched the Saturday session with the relief president  and yesterday we were at home. I did not get to see the priesthood session, but I heard that it was good.  I had a lot of favorites but Elder Stevens talk about the 4 minutes to perform, also the talk about how the Elder's wife jumped from the semi was awesome tool.
I am awesome.  I love my new companion.  She is from Emmett, Missouri.  She is just so cute, sweet, and a good listener.  She is very bubbly and goofy.  It's kind of nice that she is so very relaxed. She sings almost all the time and has a really beautiful voice. I will admit that I was absolutely terrified to stay here, but I now realize that the Lord knew what he was doing.

I did receive the letter you sent and I also got the package that Aunt Lorene sent.  Thank you!!!

I actually had a really good week.  I will tell you that 2 weeks ago I fell down the stairs and I fell on my left ankle.  To make matters worse, instead of crying, I was laughing hysterically because I had scared myself so bad.  My companion, Sis. Dunkle, didn't know what to do.  I was sitting there laughing and saying "Ow" at the same time.  It still hurts a lot, but it's bearable.  Boy, you should have seen me at that moment.

I am sleeping on the bottom bunk now and I sleep a lot better.

Something funny about last week was me trying to give Sister Robinson directions. lol It was really funny because she kept turning the wrong way.

We have interviews with Pres. tomorrow so I will ask him about Skyping for Mother's Day.  We are actually having a zone activity today, a Nerf gun war.  I'll tell you how it goes.

I think if I just keep being obedient, working hard, follow the promptings of the spirit, and pray a lot then everything will be just fine...just keep on sending letters, it helps!

Gotta Go! Love ya!!!
Sister Donner