Monday, April 7, 2014

Loved Conference!

Conference was awesome!  I did see all the sessions. We watched the Saturday session with the relief president  and yesterday we were at home. I did not get to see the priesthood session, but I heard that it was good.  I had a lot of favorites but Elder Stevens talk about the 4 minutes to perform, also the talk about how the Elder's wife jumped from the semi was awesome tool.
I am awesome.  I love my new companion.  She is from Emmett, Missouri.  She is just so cute, sweet, and a good listener.  She is very bubbly and goofy.  It's kind of nice that she is so very relaxed. She sings almost all the time and has a really beautiful voice. I will admit that I was absolutely terrified to stay here, but I now realize that the Lord knew what he was doing.

I did receive the letter you sent and I also got the package that Aunt Lorene sent.  Thank you!!!

I actually had a really good week.  I will tell you that 2 weeks ago I fell down the stairs and I fell on my left ankle.  To make matters worse, instead of crying, I was laughing hysterically because I had scared myself so bad.  My companion, Sis. Dunkle, didn't know what to do.  I was sitting there laughing and saying "Ow" at the same time.  It still hurts a lot, but it's bearable.  Boy, you should have seen me at that moment.

I am sleeping on the bottom bunk now and I sleep a lot better.

Something funny about last week was me trying to give Sister Robinson directions. lol It was really funny because she kept turning the wrong way.

We have interviews with Pres. tomorrow so I will ask him about Skyping for Mother's Day.  We are actually having a zone activity today, a Nerf gun war.  I'll tell you how it goes.

I think if I just keep being obedient, working hard, follow the promptings of the spirit, and pray a lot then everything will be just fine...just keep on sending letters, it helps!

Gotta Go! Love ya!!!
Sister Donner

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