Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Rainy Days

Our week was pretty good; we stayed pretty busy.  We volunteered at the Salvation Army serving lunch from 11:30 to 12:10 with our ward.  This Friday we will be helping with a carnival manning the booths.

My favorite part of last week was being able to listen to a less active lady's story about how she knew God loved us.  It was awesome!

My least favorite part of last week would have to be the days it rained.

Something that made me laugh this week was yesterday (Sunday), my companion and I had the giggles and made faces at each other.  Oh, jellybeans kept me awake during sacrament.

My back doesn't hurt at all anymore.  I am not sure what caused it to hurt, but it's gone now.  Something challenging that my companion and I are both struggling with is staying asleep at night.  I do take the Melatonin, but for one reason or another we end up waking up at least three times during the night.  So...it's a struggles to get up in the morning.

The district is fine. This last district meeting we were all blindfolded and the asked questions about our companions, normal questions like "What's their favorite thing" etc.  It was fun, but I hated being blindfolded.

Today for p-day we are not doing anything really exciting, just probably going to play some volleyball, which I'm kinda getting sick of since we usually do it every p-day, but I will be a good sport.  Then at 6 we will go over to a members house for dinner.  The members who feed us are an older couple who feed us every Monday.  They are awesome!

Something that touched me this week is we fasted on Friday for our investigators and some of our members.  One of the member family's father wasn't doing so well, so we fasted for them to feel comfort and peace.  Saturday morning he passed away, so he is not in pain anymore.

I got to go.  Love ya!
Sister Donner

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