Thursday, February 20, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day was awesome.  We received your package that day.  Sister Dunkle and I absolutely love the package!  And Yes!, we ate all of the chocolate!  We also got a BRAND SPANKING NEW CAR!!!  We got it because we had kept the previous car so clean that Elder Short (the vehicle coordinator) rewarded us.
We will be getting TIWI in April which is something we had in the Tempe Mission.  It is a box that checks if we are following the law when we drive.

My least favorite part of last week was that it rained a  lot.  At one point when I was going out, I stepped in the mud and started sinking.

Something funny that happened this week is we got our car stuck in the mud when we were at an activity at the church, so some of the relief society sisters helped me push it out.

Physically I am feeling a bit sore because I sleep on the top bunk and probably because we helped someone move on Saturday.  Stretching feels really good.

My favorite part of last week was hearing that my companion and I are staying together for one more transfer and playing a game on Valentine's Day with the ward called "Battle of the Sexes."  It was really funny.

I love my mission president, he is really nice.  My district is doing great, however some of the elders are leaving, but it's all good.  We not cover just one ward and there are Elders in the other ward, but we lost all of our investigators and 6 baptisms to the elders who took over our other ward.  I am not too happy, but it's the Lord's will, not mine.  One of our investigators said she will not have elders, so we will still be teaching her. I do love the members in my ward.

I stayed awake for both sacraments this week.  Thank Goodness!!!

I didn't receive your envelope this week, but then I am not impressed with the mail service either.

I Love You!!!!!!!
Sister. Donner

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