Monday, September 23, 2013

All Is Well

Gotta Love Bike Riding
Everything is fine.  I decided to keep moving forward no matter what.
Brianna, thank you for encouraging me.
I got my package at Zone not the best because I cried.  Thank you for the skirt and shoes, they are nice.  Unfortunately, the skirt is hard to ride in on a bike.
I love Zone Conference and the meetings we have!
I am sleeping a lot better.
We are still contacting people, but not teaching anyone.  We are still trying to get the swing of things.
We have gotten lost a couple of times and yes, it does hurt riding a bike for hours on end.
Funny story of the week...I'm riding a bike now and knowing me with a bike and a skirt, I crashed.  But, not to worry.  I only have huge bruises on my legs.  Lol, I am also losing weight because of this.
On Friday of last week I got the stomach virus, so we had to come home early, but all is well.

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