Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Biking Days Over?

Hey, so we are in a car now because it's a new one and president wanted us to drive it, which means I have to help back it out. (Not one of my favorite things.)  It's kind of weird because I was used to riding my bike.  My hair definitely needs to be recolored and trimmed.  I'm going to follow the advice from Shelbye and not let anyone from the mission do my hair.  I'll just wait while I'm home for those few days.

We've had a great week!  We haven't had an opportunity to teach anyone yet, but surprisingly we found a potential investigator that we were unable to find before.  She has an interesting story.

Our district leaders are really sweet...they owe us brownies.

Four more people were called to be ward missionaries in our ward.  Our bishop was a teacher in the MTC, so yeah, he has a big push for missionary work.

I received letters and loved them!  Did Dad get the letter I sent him?

I absolutely loved Relief Society Conference, it was awesome!  I am so excited for conference this weekend.  We will watch it at the church.

For p-day we are going shopping of course.  We are going to probably buy a lot of items and use my debit card, so don't worry when money is pulled from my account.  I already did my laundry.

I've got some funny stories to tell.  Lol

Love you,
Have a great week!
Tell Bri I want her to write me and Dad, Scott and of course Cody.

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