Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Loved Conference!

I absolutely loved conference.  My favorite talks were by Elder Dube and Elder Christopherson.
Our toilet flooded this morning.  I'm not entirely sure what happened, I flushed it and it started over flowing...it gave me a panic attack...I felt horrible.  So, we are moving out of our apartment for 3 days and staying with 4 other sister missionaries..this should be interesting. I didn't get any breakfast since the flood attack took place at 7:30am.  

We will spend the day doing laundry, grocery shopping, moving to our temporary place, getting my hair cut (at a salon) and eating dinner at a member's house.
I think I am going to cut my hair a little shorter, it's looking pretty bad...dead, and the blonde is definitely showing through. I'm not going to color my hair until I come home for those few days.

The sisters we are moving in with told me they have been receiving my letters, so they returned them.  I'm kinda bummed about that right now, I didn't receive any of your letters from last week.
I didn't get the box you sent either, but I will ask the district leaders.

District meetings are every week on Friday when we have a planning meeting.  Our district leaders owed us brownies (which were amazing!) because we talked to 178 people in one week.

We are only using the car for right now, no bike riding.

Companion study is going pretty good, I'm learning a lot.

We are teaching new member lesson to an eleven year old and a nine year old.

Please tell Grandma "Thank You"

Love ya,

Sis. Nicki Donner 

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