Monday, October 28, 2013


Yuma!  A member drove us to Yuma and yes, it was long.  OK, so the minute we get to Yuma I was told we had a baptism on Saturday and another one is set for November 9th.  Richard Nunes was baptized and he has two little kids who are adorable.  We are also teaching a mom and daughter and another lady who is writing a member's son in jail.  So Yeah, it's crazy.

Packing everything was easy, though I think I may leave some stuff at home, I mean when I get home.

The apartment complex where I live is pretty nice. We have bunk beds and I am on top.  I think it will be OK to send packages here.

Sister Flint is my new companion and she is awesome and really observant.  She is from Syracuse, Utah.  We live with two other sisters and we all get along really well.  Sister Rich is hysterical and they are all really sweet and very friendly.  Each companionship serves in a different ward.  The bishop of our ward is on board with missionary work and the members are pretty involved.

My district is really funny, you should have seen our planning meeting on Friday, LOL.  We had the meeting at the church, so we brought our lunches with us and the other sister companionship had M&M's.  The elders were sitting at a different table, so she went over and said, "M&M's" and they started jumping out of their chairs, knocking each other down trying to get them.  It was funny.

Without a doubt, my bike hates me!  It keeps crashing on me and it got a flat tire on Saturday.  When my bike is on corners, it doesn't like stopping or it stops too quickly so I almost fly off.  I now have to bike up a huge hill to get back to my apartment and yeah, my legs kill after that.  To top it all of, we are navigating with a map...not good.

We don't get to do anything for Halloween except training on iPad's; we get them tomorrow and yet, we are excited!

Gotta go, my time on the computer is about to expire.

Have a great week!

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