Monday, October 14, 2013

Love the Temple!

We are back in our apartment and no, I haven't used the toilet that overflowed since the incident happened LOL.  Living with the other sisters for a few days was pretty fun, I just couldn't get to sleep on time because they were still talking.

Right now i'ts a love hate relationship with the car.  I love it because we can carry things when we get groceries at the store and it gets us to places.  I hate it because of having to keep everything documented and the navigating.

How sad that i didn't get Aunt Lorene's package and letter.  I think they have got everything straightened out hopefully, so you can send letters now.  I did get some letters this week and the package.  I'm sad to report that all the chocolate you sent is gone. LOL Thank you for sending the beany pillow and for "my blanket".  I started crying when I saw it.

I am planning on getting a haircut today.  I didn't do it last week because it was just a weird day with moving in with the sisters and doing some shopping.  We are going to carve pumpkins today for a zone activity.

I'm losing weight and my belt is slipping off.  LOL I believe a big part of the weight loss is because my companion is lactose intolerant.  I have not had sour cream, cheese, or eggs this whole time.  I absolutely love steak, green beans, broccoli, spinach, etc... except corn.  We eat dinners with the members every day.

We went to the temple on Wednesday.  It was awesome!  We did baptisms for the dead.

The mom of the 11 and 8 year old we are teaching had five death in her family this month, so yeah, it's been a little crazy.  We did however find a less active member yesterday.  She invited us in and we talked for an hour.

I've got to head out now...

Love ya!

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