Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Life Goes On :)

My companion study is awesome!  My favorite thing about my companion is she doesn't judge and likes to tease.  In personal study I am studying the Ten Commandments.

My district is great and really fun.  My favorite part of last week was Friday and Sunday.  Friday was a planning day, so we met together to plan and then we had language class.  We had lunch in-between and we just pushed all the tables together, it was nice.  Sunday we had dinner at a member's house and after dinner they played a game of trying to guess our first names.  It was really funny and they actually guessed my name.  That evening we taught a less active member about the restoration.  (We usually eat dinner at a members house most nights, but some nights we don't.)

I actually don't get an iPad because I am a mini missionary. (Sad Face) At first I was bummed, but then I decided I'll just buy one when I complete my whole mission.

I haven't gotten any letters, and I'm pretty sure the address is correct.  (Side note:  Called mission home and the zip code was incorrect, so the mailing address should be correct now)

We are teaching a person today, but not sure on the baptism, it depends on what happens tonight.

I actually have 3 new scars.  One word, bike.  It absolutely hates me, especially when we do down the huge hill by our apartment each day.

Gotta go now...

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