Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Mellow Week...

OK so sorry, I thought we wouldn’t be able to be on today.

Anyways, this week was pretty mellow.  Meet the Mormons was a great movie, I highly recommend it!

On Wednesday I was trying to rinse out containers a family used.  Well, their youngest daughter (age 5) wanted to help too, so she took the hose, and instead of spraying water on the containers, she got me!  It was pretty funny!

My least favorite part of last week was Thursday because while walking, one of my shoes decided to cut into the back of my ankle.  When I finally looked back, the whole back of my shoe was covered in blood…so that was fun.

My favorite part of this week was of course conference.  It answered questions I had long since forgotten, like I had had a question on how the whole picking the new prophet worked.  I was really touched when Elder Godyo spoke.  His comment on reading his patriarchal blessing and how he asked himself if he continued to do things he was currently doing, would it help him receive the promised blessings I have been asking myself that same question recently, so his talk really helped me to understand what I need to do.

One thing that was awesome this week was on Saturday, the young adult Kari that we had taught two lessons, was baptized during the break time between sessions of conference.  It was really awesome to see!

During the priesthood session of conference we got to go over to the mission home, have ice cream, and hand out.  When President Cannon came home we were all downstairs on the couch, so we decided to pretend we were sleeping on the couch.  When Pres. Cannon came down the stairs he saw us all sleeping and just stood there.  Then we all popped up and started laughing.  He looked relieved.

I haven’t received the package yet, hopefully this week I will.

This is probably the most I have ever written. Lol

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