Monday, August 18, 2014

Hardest Week So Far...

This by far has been the hardest week for me.

Church was really good yesterday.  In sacrament meeting the topic was on Courage.

I think my favorite part of last week was Tuesday because our referral was a little girl who is the daughter of a member from my last area who has moved into my new area.  It was really neat.

Wednesday we basically walked 5 miles on rocky ground and we barely saw anyone.  I feel like we really didn’t do much of anything this week.  This has just been the hardest week.  I don’t know whether it is because I am not doing enough, or what.  I am trying to figure out what we can do.  I have counseled with my companion, but not my district or ward mission leader.

Saturday, hands down, was the worst part of my week.  Nobody was home or answering and it was really hot!  We tried visiting nine families!  And yes, I am drinking plenty of water.  We have been having thunderstorms like every other day and hail on Thursday night.

Something that touched my spirit was reading my scriptures yesterday, and remembering something that I learned from it, and sharing it with a family.

Something that made me laugh yesterday was when we were going to wash our hands before dinner and the bathroom door is close to the front door.  Well Sis. Fonua, instead of opening the bathroom door, she opens the front door and almost goes out. It was funny.

My district is fine.  We had a good district meeting and I think we all get along well.
There is a ground breaking ceremony for the Meridian temple that we get to view at our stake center.

My companion and I are fine emotionally and mentally, but…on Sunday morning my left knee was killing me and now my whole left leg hurts when I walk on it.  Now, my companion has pulled a muscle in her ankle. Joy!

I did get my hair cut last week, but I didn’t get new shoes.  I was a little shocked at how short my hair was cut in the back, but its fun to try new things.

I have not received the CD’s you sent yet.


Sis. Donner

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