Monday, August 25, 2014

Much Better Week!

Investigator Chris
 I had a better week this week.  We have a new investigator named Chris and she is absolutely golden.  She has researched our religion and knows she wants to be Mormon.  The other investigator that was golden moved. :(

Saturday we did get to see the ground breaking ceremony for the Meridian Idaho Temple at the stake center.

So my favorite part of last week was yesterday, even though we spent 6 hours at church, but it was worth it.  The reason it was my favorite day of the week is because we had breakfast for dinner.  It was delicious!

My least favorite day of last week was Friday because Sis. Fonua and I had really bad stomach aches.  Sis. Fonua ended up throwing up breakfast.  On top of that, my left leg kept me up half the night because it was in pain.  (I’m really not sure what I did to it.)  My left knee cap will hurt and then pain shoots down my leg and it feels like I pulled a muscle in my ankle. It’s a pain and it is driving me nuts!

I am not really sure what is going on with our district since missed district meeting on Friday because we were both sick.

Something funny that happened this week is, well there are actually three things.  First, yesterday we were reading a scripture in class about the Sabbath day and keeping it holy.  Well, Sis. Fonua was reading and she turns to me and asked what one of the words said.  She was pointing at  the word that meant donkey, but it didn’t have the word donkey, it was a##.  I wasn’t going to say the word in class, so I was sitting there, not sure what to say.  Then in unison the whole class says DONKEY.  Then we all laughed!  Second funny moment from last week is I scared Sis. Fonua coming out of the bathroom; she almost fell down.  Hahaha.  The third funniest moment was while we were walking an older gentleman looked at both me and my companion and said, “Looking good ladies!”  Sis. Fonua and I nearly died laughing.

Wednesday it was pretty hot and so I had pulled my hair up, so it didn’t look that good.  Anyways, while we were walking three girls from our ward came up and told us they loved us and thought we looked beautiful today.  It was the sweetest thing.

Oh, I got a back massage from a lady who does it professionally and she told me I have a really bad back.  Happy news to hear. Lol

Anyways, we have a few things we are looking forward to this week.  We have an open house and we get to go to a baptism of a less active member’s daughter.  The ward mission leader has encouraged us to visit all the members. Today we have lesson with our investigator at 3 and then we have an exchange.

Eeek! It’s time for me to go!

Sis. Donner

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