Friday, July 25, 2014

Good Week!

Alright, so this week has been good.  We are doing a lot of good things in this area.

Sister Dickson actually still has two more weeks left of her mission.  Transfers are on August 4th.  So something that I am struggling with is not over working myself and being satisfied with the work we are doing. Sister Dickson wants to finish her mission strong.  She is struggling with her health daily, but she pushes through it.

My least favorite part of last week was Tuesday because I was sick for half the day and couldn't do missionary work. My health is so-so, but it is getting better.  I have found that when I am stressed that I get physically ill and it messes with my appetite.

The heat isn't so bad, but I did get sunburned doing yard work on Wednesday.

Something that was humbling to me was on Thursday me and my companion were both emotionally drained and I was weighed down by worries about home and stuff, and I finally couldn't take it.  I was prompted by the spirit to get down on my knees and pray and I basically laid my burdens down at the Lords feet.  At the same time there was music in the background that was talking about Gods mercy and I started bawling.

Favorite part of last week was Sunday because it was awesome and it rained!  I do stay awake for both sacraments every Sunday because it is FREEZING in there!  We taught a lesson to our two new investigators and the spirit was so strong.  (And I ate chocolate! Lol)   My companion and I also made faces with little kids on Sunday after dinner.

Missionary work is awesome!  We are teaching three new people now and ones is an 18 year old less active.  So everything is great!

I have three things to look forward to this week.  First, Family Home Evening tonight which is basically have fun with one of our wards.  Second, we are teaching one of our golden investigators, and third, we are going to be playing basketball with one of our potential investigators.

Well I Love YA!!!!
Sister Donner

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