Monday, July 14, 2014

Too Darn Hot!

My health is doing well.  Since it has been getting hot here, my allergies are not so bad.  I have gotten dehydrated twice.

Interviews with the Mission President went fine.  He says he is grateful that my companion and I are obedient.

There are only 8 in my district now, but it is awesome; we all get along.

Sis. Dickson is struggling with her health, but she doesn't let it get her down.  She only has two weeks left before she goes home; she is finishing strong.

Favorite part of last week was Saturday.  We were able to contact three referrals with a return appointment in only 30 minutes.  Can you say awesome!

Least favorite part of last week was Saturday because I was dehydrated and couldn't seem to keep cool. It is hard to stay cool when you can't wear shorts and have to dress professionally.

Something that was humbling to me was Sunday they talked about gifts and talents and early that morning I had read about not denying your gifts because they were given to you by God and recently I haven’t been using one of my gifts, so yeah.

Emotionally I have been riding this roller-coaster of self-doubt...But I have stopped that completely and I have started recognizing the things I have been blessed with, and reading my patriarchal blessing has helped me gain more confidence of my self-worth and how God sees me.

Something that made me laugh this week was it was my turn to say prayer and I couldn't stop laughing, so my companion had to say it instead.
This p-day we will finish up a project of Sis. Dickson’s.  She is making plaques for her family members and it’s almost done.  Then we will go to our zone activity which will be basketball or volleyball, and then shopping.  Lol, not too exciting.

We have a full week ahead.  We have two new investigators, and they are brothers.  One wants to be baptized, and the other is a little more hesitant.

Love ya,

Sister Donner

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