Monday, December 29, 2014

Senior Companion

December 22

The ward Christmas party was really fun, there were a tone of people there too; every ward had a party.

I am called boss now because I am the senior companion.

I am finally getting over my cold, but now I am starting to get a sore throat, I can’t win.  I actually got cough drops today and Kleenex, so I should be covered.

Ok, so something really cute that happened was with our new investigators daughter Jordan who is 4.  We showed her a picture of Jesus and asked her if she knew who it was.  She said no, so we told her it was Jesus.  She replied, “Jesus!” and hugged the photo of him.  It was so stinkin’ cute!

Something that made me laugh is during Zone conference we had a white elephant and one of the zone leaders, Elder Savage, opened his gift and he got Eeyore slippers, but then someone stole them.  So he opened another gift and it was another pair of slippers.  So, he immediately put them on his feet so no one could steal them.  It was hysterical!  

We have a baptismal date set for January 17th for a guy named Cameron who already knows a lot and just needs to be taught the lessons; he is golden.  The Lord has really blessed us a lot this transfer.
Last week I struggled with not being depressed.  I actually talked to Heavenly Father today and it made me feel a lot better.  I seem to be having longer conversations with him lately.  He is sending me beautiful mornings to make up for the hard days.

My favorite part of last week was Zone conference because we had a lot of musical numbers, and sang Christmas songs, and just had fun.  I sang a solo during Zone Conference, Away in a Manger.
I enjoy every story I read each day and the ornaments, they really help me to reflect on things better about the meaning of Christmas and things I am going to change about me. 

My least favorite part of last week was Saturday.  It was pouring rain and cold, and we had two service projects.  We had not dinner because the family forgot.

I have no idea who we will be eating Christmas dinner with because 9 families want us to come over that day, so we will see.

Gotta go...
Love ya!
Sis. Donner

We came home last night and found this from the family we stay with.  I just love them!

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