Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Thanksgiving was low key for us.  I think the only new food I had on Thanksgiving was green bean casserole.  My favorite part of last week was definitely Thanksgiving.  We listened to Christmas music and just had a good time.  Our weather was nice for Thanksgiving, but now it is snowing.  I am doing my best to stay warm.

Church was really mellow, which was nice for a change; no meetings whatsoever.

Something that really touched me is the member we live with put up stockings when we left for the day, so when we came home the stockings were hanging up.

Something that I am looking forward to this week, well not really looking forward to, but I can’t wait for transfers this coming Saturday.  Please pray that me and my companion stay together for at least one more transfer.

Something that made me laugh was getting stuck in the mud with my flat soled shoes.  I had decided not to wear my boots because it looked like a nice day…wrong!  It had rained, so when I got out of the car to head into an appointment I literally sank into the mud and had a fun time trying to even walk in

Sis Wright and I are doing fine.  We laugh a lot and talk about everything.  The district is doing fine too, just as quirky and fun as can be.  So half our investigators are doing well and keeping their commitments, the other ones are getting slammed with trials, but they are doing well.

I didn’t get the CD you sent, but I did get the package with the miniature Christmas tree.  I absolutely love it!

Have you heard “He is the Gift”?  It’s an awesome Christmas video, you should watch it.  It’s on Christmas.mormon.org.  Encourage everyone to share it.

The rest of our p-day we are shopping, cleaning and doing a white elephant gift with the district around 3:30 at the church. We have a dinner appointment today at 5:30.   I have no idea what I will get for the white elephant gift.

Gotta go,

Sis. Donner

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