Monday, November 17, 2014

21st Birthday!

Hey Mom,

So today has been an awesome day so far.  Sis. Wright sang happy birthday to me, so that was
awesome.  I opened the package you sent, and I love everything!  Thank you so much!  Sis. Wright and I are doing great!  The district is fine.  We are going to play hide and seek for my b-day. Lol

YES, IT SNOWED A LOT!  According to everyone that lives here, it never snows this early.

So, hahaha, our week was funny, interesting, and really cold.  It was -7 degrees yesterday morning, and we had a meeting.  The weather has been in the 30’s or below.  We have tried to be as careful as possible when driving because the roads here are completely covered in ice.  I will just tell you now; I have slipped in the ice 3 times already.  We've had some crazy experience in the snow.

First, we accidentally drove the car into a small ditch.  It was pretty funny and embarrassing, all at the same time.  LOL Luckily some member was close by and helped us get out.  The second thing that happened in the snow happened that very same day when we.  When we got home we thought we were just going to be able to go inside.  Nope!  The back truck wouldn't close, so it took us till 12am to close it.  We succeeded only after we un-melted the lock to the truck that has frozen.  Needless to say, we were exhausted.  So that happened Saturday night, so on Sunday I was sleepy.  During one of the talks, the power went out for the rest of the meeting. LOL it was so funny.  The rest of the speakers did fine just speaking louder without the microphone.

Our investigators are doing well.  Dustin in the newest one and he is slowing progressing. He said the prayer the first time we asked him.

So my least favorite day was Friday because it snowed. We had to spend four hours just shoveling a pathway so we could get out. Not FUN!

My favorite part of last week was Saturday, minus the evening, because we were able to see a DNC (Do Not Contact) person who was really nice and let us in.  This area is just awesome.

So I told you all of the funny moments except yesterday in ward council.  Sis. Wright announced, “It’s Sis. Donner’s birthday tomorrow.”  I nearly died.

That has been my week!

Love Ya!

Sis. Donner

Side note:  A member took the time to send a video and picture of Nicki and wrote, “She is getting lots of love!  The missionaries are having cake and playing games at the church and then for FHE tonight for the singles branch we are celebrating with her by having a cake.  She is well loved!”

I learned why you don't shovel snow in your workout clothes.

This is how we dressed Saturday night to get the trunk unstuck.

Sis. Wright took pictures of me opening my birthday package:

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