Monday, November 3, 2014

Blah Week...

October 20th

My week in one word was Blah!  I was sick two days in a row.  My cold is so-so.  It is there, but it is to the point I can just ignore it. My headaches are caused from the wind, and because it is cold in the morning and hot during the afternoon.

The talk I gave last week was on the Holy Ghost.  I can talk clearly now, but I still can’t look up for that long.  I was lightheaded the whole time because I wasn’t feeling well.

I have been struggling this week with not being discouraged and not being busy and trying to understand my role right now, so at church yesterday and throughout the day I was asked to say the prayer like 5 times.  The sacrament talks that were given were about spiritual strength and physical strength, so that was awesome.  Another awesome thing we were able to do last night was go to a fireside where Joseph Smith’s great, great, great, great granddaughter spoke.  It was really cool and informative.

My least favorite part of last week was Wednesday because I was really sick.  I was not a happy camper. We had a district meeting and our interview was that day. My interview with President was good.  We talked about which person in the book of Mormon I admire most, and I said Ammon
My favorite part of last week was Thursday, we pretty much had a chill day and visited members.
Something that made me laugh this week was a little girl named Lauren was eating her snack and then looked over at me, and then came over and started feeding me her snack. lol

Our investigator Liz is great!  We did not get to teach her last week, and this week we actually get to teach her at her house, so that is awesome.

We have transfer calls this weekend on Saturday, and Trunk or Treat to look forward to for next week.

Have a great week!

Love ya,
Sis. Donner

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