Monday, November 10, 2014

Awesome Week!

My week was awesome and exhausting.

I got the stamps and the package, thank you so much.
It is really cold in the mornings and it is rumored that Thursday we should be getting some snow.

What I meant when I said that I needed an adapter for my camera was that I needed an SD card reader, but thanks for the other stuff you sent.

I love all the wards I am in; they are all pretty big.  We actually have a couple of investigators.  James who is 18 and is golden.  Then there is Kevin who knows everything we teach is true, but has a WOW problem.  Then we have Dustin who seems to want to learn more.  So those are just a few.

Sis. Wright and I are just fine.  I think she is one of my favorite companions.  She doesn’t get mad easily or impatient.  She loves taking pictures and likes having fun.  She remembers small details I tell her and she is always smiling.  I sent a picture of me and Sis. Wright.

So, I don’t think there was a bad part of last week, hahaha, well, except yesterday because my legs were really sore from a service project we did on Saturday.  I basically had a really restless night and a really bad dream, but I did stay awake for all three sacraments, I am just really hungry during them.

Something that made me laugh happened yesterday when we were coming out of our dinner appointment.  It is pitch black outside and I couldn’t see a thing, so I am trying to be as careful as possible, but I ended up stumbling into a dark hole.  I had to laugh at myself.

Something that touched my spirit is how wonderful this district works together and accepts everyone.

I am actually not having too many struggles here, I guess the one struggle is not being trunky.  I did receive my travel papers and I was hoping I wouldn’t have to fly home…I get air sick.

I will email you as soon as I know when the Christmas call will happen and what to do.  Hahaha It will be really weird seeing everyone and knowing I will have two month left after Christmas.

I gotta go now!

Love ya!

Sis. Donner

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